Waste Footprint and Sustainable Suppliers

September 15th, 2011 :: By Thinking Ahead Editor in Energy Use, Life Cycle Analysis, Sustainability, Uncategorized

It is important to have conversations with your suppliers in order to learn about their sustainability efforts, as well as to find information on how their products align with your company’s sustainability priorities. There are several sustainability issues relevant to products in any industry. One of those is waste footprint.

A waste footprint is the amount of waste produced by sourcing ingredients and materials, manufacturing and processing, and transportation.1 A supplier can reduce the amount of waste it produces, and it can also take steps to reduce the amount of waste produced by the consumer.

First, suppliers can reduce the amount of packaging they use, which cuts down the amount of waste disposed by consumers. Suppliers can also design packaging to lower the chance that foods goes bad.1 There are a variety of ways for companies to address their waste footprint. The important thing is to ask questions and find out what your suppliers are doing.



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